Business Development

Knowledge is foundational to success and confidence.

Our goal is to provide you with the education and tools to command success at the highest level, taking guesswork out of the equation.

Our Services

Reverse Mortgage Certification training program for loan originators and operations staff.

Self-source training, including comprehensive plug and play training on how to work with business to business relationships including, Realtors, Financial Planners, Builders, Attorneys, CPAs, Banks and Credit Unions.

Proforma – development of a customized, in-depth analysis, to determine the feasibility of entering the Reverse Mortgage business

  • Compensation plan modeling

Business Modeling; guidance in determining the perfect model for your company. Should it be lead generation or self-source, dedicated Reverse Loan Originators, enhanced support desk, or all in one? We will guide you through the process of finding the right model for your organization.

Workflow design to help your company maintain consistency, compliance and overall efficiency.

Partner recommendations, this would include;  selection, review of service level agreements and pricing to optimize your profitability, minimize your reputational risk and deliver optimal customer service within the Reverse Mortgage industry.

Marketing; when, where and how should you market to this generation and their trusted advisors? 

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