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our mission

To provide high level counsel, based on real world experience, in the Reverse industry, that empowers mortgage industry professionals to create lasting solutions to today’s retirement challenges and grow their business to incorporate a full suite of options for their consumer base.

To share with the industry best practices to partner with and educate the trusted advisors and consumers to ensure the Reverse Mortgage product is utilized to best meet the individual needs of their senior client.

our vision

To empower mortgage professionals with the highest level of education, utilizing; strategies, workflows, operations standards, policies and procedures to enhance their consumers experience as well as the professionals that work with them. To ensure an overall exceptional experience from application through payoff and to educate and empower the industry to provide real solutions that mirror the needs of their consumers.

our values

Integrity, transparency, sincerity, honesty and passion

Where Savvy Meets Strategy…

Company Overview:

Harbor View Consulting LLC was founded by Cheryl MacNally in 2016 to provide high-performance, expert financial consulting and advising in all aspects of the Reverse Mortgage industry. Experienced in large acquisition, origination, servicing, operations optimization and development of systems and work-flows to maximize performance.

The Harbor View team is anchored by elite industry talent and top niche subject matter experts: financial and consulting professionals that are the best of the best, having more than 140 years’ experience.

Our goal is to assist you with shaping and successfully implementing your business model and helping you enter, acquire or develop your market by making the right critical choices and decisions.

As your trusted partner, Harbor View, leveraging our extensive background and experience, will customize a pathway to meet your ultimate goals within the Reverse Mortgage industry. We have an emphasis on regulatory adherence, which we believe is foundational to longevity.

We have the experience and relationships in place to assist you in maximizing your Reverse Platform to elevate profits and minimize risk.

Cheryl MacNally

Founding Director

Cheryl is a recognized influencer in the mortgage lending niche with a robust mortgage finance background and an exemplary track record of building and leading a dominant national sales and distribution team. She has an impeccable reputation among regulators, competitors, investors and housing policy makers.

Core Modalities:

  • Advisor to acquisition and transition activities of new mortgage division resulting in value creation and synergy capture for parent company
  • Developed Growth Strategies with linkage to financial model for Prime and Reverse mortgage lending
  • End-to-End review from originations to servicing with gap analysis and recommendations for efficiencies

John Nixon


John has 33 years of experience in all aspects of Mortgage Lending. He has Executive Level Experience in building and leading successful mortgage operations for both small, regional, and large institutional firms. John has a strong background in all aspects of managing a full-service mortgage operation in the United States.

This operation was successfully sold to Bank of America in 2007 where John continued to manage the Reverse Division until they exited the business in 2011 and remained with them through 2016 where he oversaw the 2 billion dollar Reverse Mortgage portfolio.

Core Modalities:

  • Building and leading a full-service mortgage lending organization
  • Proven track record of leading companies and divisions to high levels of performance
  • Relationship driven with key internal and external partners


Diane Coats

Senior Consultant

A highly experienced individual in the mortgage banking industry with a demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams and direct reports to deliver innovative strategies and drive results. Strong business qualifications and proven track record in loan administration, default operations, project management, risk management and compliance with specialization in Reverse Mortgage project and program management.

Core Modalities:

  • Extreme knowledge of Reverse Mortgage guidelines and
  • Project management with emphasis on strong communication and relationship building.
  • Detail oriented mindset leading to successful and timely project


Kim Wagoner

Senior Consultant

Kim is a visionary leader in Operations Optimization including process efficiency, analysis and quality control. She implements workflow strategies and enhancements to increase productivity while retaining the highest levels of quality and service. Kim is a first-rate expert in mortgage lending with focus experience in start-ups and overseeing multi-site retail and wholesale operations teams.

Core Modalities:

  • Determine location strategy for building out best-in-industry operations teams based on availability of key talent, cost-to-acquire and cost/ability-to-retain
  • Develop compensation and bonus plans that retain key talent while ensuring goals-based results
  • Building strong relationships with business partners to ensure cohesive working teams and communication
  • Balancing service, quality and productivity in a fiscally prudent and compliant environment

Sharon Falvey

Senior Consultant

Sharon is the go-to resource for designing business models, compensation plans, market strategies, motivation and thought leadership. Her core expertise is strategic market development leveraging market intel with a focus on Business Plan & Proforma development. Sharon is a recognized subject matter expert with 20 years’ experience in the Reverse industry with some of the major market leaders.

Core Modalities:

  • Strategic visionary
  • Recognizing current market trends and future opportunities
  • Evaluating and matching client needs for the right solution
  • Sales training and motivation

If you want the edge over your competition, Harbor View Consulting LLC will give you that edge. There is simply no substitute.

We’ll be your trusted partner developing high-level solutions helping you navigate the extreme depth of regulatory requirements, operational structure and strategic planning to successfully implement a Reverse Mortgage platform that will help you become a complete, full-service lender for your clients as well as gaining compliant profitable growth.

Contact us today to get started and move forward.

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